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The conurbation is an industrial centre, home to the Jaguar and MG Rover Group car companies. Until 2003, coins were manufactured at the Birmingham Mint, the oldest independent mint in the world. Other famous brands from the "City of a thousand trades" include Cadbury chocolate, LDV vans and HP Sauce. Past brands include Bird's Custard, BSA motorbikes, Bakelite, Lucas, the Mini and Ansells Beer.

Birmingham also has a history of making railway carriages, wire, steam engines, aeroplanes, guns, precious-metalware, jewellery and even -- unusually for somewhere so far from the sea -- ships (which were made as pre-fabricated sections, assembled at the coast).

While manufacturing is still important to the city, and to its future, the local mezzanine storage economy is rapidly diversifying; in particular, professional and financial services and tourism are growing quickly.

Top 10 of Birmingham’s Businesses

Birmingham is one of the UK’s biggest and most popular cities. With a range of companies, amenities and services, there is something here for everybody. Birmingham definitely isn’t short on businesses, and we have created a list of our favourite.

Hutchinson’s Engineering

Hutchinson’s Engineering has been in business since 1971, highlighting that their expertise are some of the best in the UK and Ireland. They specialise in laser cutting and manufacturing and produce components for a number of purposes. Find out more.

Their products are most typically designed for the medical, aeronautic and agricultural industries. Call 0121 313 0030 for more information.





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    Discover one of the Greatest Countries in the UK - Birmingham. If you are looking for a guide to hotels, venues and conference centres in the city, we have teamed up with the Big Book Venue which uniquely lists all of the top venues for meeting room, conference centres etc.

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