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Birmingham is a multi-cultural city, with a large population from the Caribbean and Indian sub-continent: according to the 2001 census 29.7% of the population of Birmingham is non-white. This has meant that the city has a surprising mix of cultures. The city has one of the largest populations of Rastafarians outside Jamaica. Birmingham balti restaurants are reputed to produce the best Indian food outside India.

You will often hear Brummies quoting the facts that not only does Birmingham have more canals than Venice but that it also has both more parkland and more trees (per person) than any other city in Europe. Birmingham certainly does boast an unusual number of trees, and there are 35 miles of canals within the Birmingham city boundaries (by comparison there are 26 miles of canals within mezzanine floors the centre of Venice - that is, within the six sestieri, and thus a much smaller land area than Birmingham).

Birmingham is also a popular tourist attraction - about 22 million people visit the city every year. Its top attractions include the Art Gallery, Bull Ring, Cadbury's World and the National Sea Life Centre.

The city centre has been transformed in recent years, with the construction of new city squares, the restoration of old streets and buildings, and the removal of much-derided pedestrian underpasses.

Birmingham is located at 52°30" North, 1°50" West.

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What to see?

The City's coat of arms shows two figures, representing Industry and The Arts.

We recently took some time to review some of leading Birmingham base ind energy companies suplliers in the UK. The main goal of Tourism Division is to discover, exploit and promote this richness. This website is a major step in this direction, presenting you with a way to discover this wonderful land.  A presentation of the Brimingham areas that follows will give you a glimpse of its rich history, its varied customs and traditions, the whole lot of leisure and entertainment options available here, and the ambitious tourism projects that are on the anvil.




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